Sunday, 14 October 2012

What Andy Roddick Net Worth Is After Refuse To Quit?

Now the fans don’t want Andy Roddick to leave his career. He asserted in his TV interview that he is going to quit international US open very soon. But the fans battle of interest won’tlet him go anywhere as they are demanding him to stay for just one more year. Andy Roddick is getting higher and higher cause of lots of voting system on the web world against his quitting. And right now he might get tons of pressure.

After his last US open challenging match, whole stadium were raided up with slogan “Stay one more year” by his all fans.

Andy Roddick Net Worth; at last his net worth will not stop up as he was forced and cancelled his decision to leave... he mentioned in daily new york times; Andy Roddick Net Worth: that he is just staying for his fans and promised to perform well than before to make his ending with great winning pleasures.

Andy has got to the next round by incredible performance in Arthur Stadium by 6-3, 6-4, and 6-0 against Australian player benard tomic. Andy has shown the great performance in this match and the throughout his career. He by self doesn’t want to leave as we got to know from his close friends but he also doesn’t want to refuse his fans all over the world.

He also said that it was quite surprising for me that I had felt bit nervousness as I was played the match to be a finalist. But in spite Tmoic has given quite tough game to win.

Andy is on number 1 in international ranking and has won 32 titles so far in his career.More Updates


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