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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Angelina Jolie Breast Cancer

Angelina Jolie who is the world famous actress in the Hollywood industry she is facing the breast cancer disease. Now she is busy in her treatment with her partner Brad Pitt is also trying to save her from the effect of the decease.
Angelina Jolie breast cancer was occurs many years ago however, she was trying in her treatment without declaring her disease. Now she had reviled her decease on the media, and in these days it has become one of the top rated topics among the fans of Angelina Jolie.
The most important to know that the death case of her loving aunt was same disease. Jolie's aunt who was 61 year old named as Debbie Martin died on Sunday in the San Diego area hospital. Her husband told the media that the cause of the death of her wife (Jolie's aunt) was the same disease facing her nephew, Angelina, for more Angelina Jolie news visit
It would be shocking for you to know about the mother of Angelina, Mrs. Martin who was another raunt and the sister of her mother named as Marcheline Bertrand, was also died just because of ovarian cancer when she was just 56 year old.

Now the Oscar winning actress decided to take the double mastectomy to avoid from the disease. She reviled her cancer disease before two week ago now she is in the news but in a different way, The News Fly would be a good source for you for other news about Angelina Jolie.
The fans of the actress are also worried about the disease of their loving actress, on the other side Bread Pitt the, partner of actress who is the father of her three children is also trying to save Angelina form the bad effects of the disease.

Now the young actress, who have been work in several areas of acting and shows her acting skills and body moves in different action movies is facing the both cancers as the Angelina Jolie breast cancer is almost expected to 80 percent according to the doctors who are treating the actress, as well as per the study of doctors it is also expected that the actress would have to face vagina caner as well but the changes of Angelina Jolie breast cancer are more as compare to her ovarian cancer.